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At TayJay Real Estate we specialize in Real Estate investment coaching, buying and selling. We are full-service real estate investment experts and coaches. Our investors and coaching clients gain the knowledge, confidence, and tools of how to start the investment process. With extensive experience in the real estate market, property management, renovations, and creative financing, we will guide and coach you through every stage of the investment process.


You could do this alone, or you could hire the experts. TayJay Real Estate comes with extensive real estate investment experience. We coach real estate investors from new to seasoned, and at every investing stage and strategy. From turn-key properties to those homes needing that extra tlc, our experience sourcing properties, completing renovations, and in-house property management done previously, has helped us build a strong real estate investment portfolio. We are here to teach you how to start your own journey in real estate. 

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Our mission:

“Our mission is to have new and seasoned investors feel confident, and comfortable investing in real estate at any age and life stage. We want to normalize the investment process making it accessible to anyone, with the support of a professional team. TayJay Real Estate coaches and guides our clients through the steps of real estate investing, while providing exceptional service and education.”

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TayJay Real Estate helps support you on your journey in real estate investment, navigating the industry, by providing education and guidance.


We want to help you succeed in all aspects, from buying, selling, renting, renovating, investing, management, and everything in between.


Whether you are new to investing or seasoned, TayJay Real Estate is here to help coach, manage, build and get creative with your investment portfolio.


On top of teaching us the exact steps to take in pursuing a BRRRR, Jeremy and Taylor were amazing coaches as they were both clearly very knowledgeable and approachable. Each topic was explained clearly and they were always open to answering questions, navigating us through concepts we had difficulties in, and sharing resources with the group.I'm so glad I joined the program as it did not only equip me with knowledge, but I also got the opportunity to expand my RE network. Thanks Jeremy and Taylor!


Taylor & Jeremy

Taylor and Jeremy purchased their first real estate property in 2017, and have since transitioned into full-time real estate investors, and real estate investment coaches. TayJay Real Estate has evolved into full-time coaching for clients and investors, like you, who are ready to jump into the world of investment properties.

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