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Taylor and Jeremy purchased their first real estate property in 2017, and have since transitioned into full-time real estate investors, and real estate investment coaches. TayJay Real Estate has evolved into full-time coaching for clients and investors, like you, who are ready to jump into the world of investment properties.

If you like real estate, romance, and renovations, here is more on that story…

We didn’t start out as real estate investors.
TayJay Real Estate is us, Taylor and Jeremy. We have been together for 8-years, but we didn’t start out in real estate. Our journey began while we were both still in school, Taylor for Psychology, and Jeremy to become an Electrician.
We have learned the ins-and-outs of becoming investors, while living life as a young couple. While we were in school, we learned how to invest in unique real estate finds that helped us grow our portfolio, renovate specific spaces, and become financially creative. This also included living in Taylor’s family home (fun times!), so we could save enough money to purchase our first home.
Living in this first home, we dived into renovations and refinancing. By doing extensive research, reading, and exploration in our own education on investing and personal finance, we learned how to purchase our next two properties. Woohoo! We fell in love with the industry, and our passion project became TayJay Real Estate.

We have come a long way from there, and we now know how to do things differently. We picked Chatham, Ontario to invest, pretty much because that was the market we could afford at the time. We have since continued to involve ourselves in the investor community; buying real estate, investing, renovating, and utilizing different strategies as we learn. Our primary strategy is known as the BRRRR (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) method. We have used multiple strategies, such as the BRRRR method, sole ownership, long-term buy and holds, joint ventures, and various creative financing strategies. We are still buying properties, and working with our power team.
Now, our focus is on coaching clients on how to invest and grow as quickly as we did – or even faster!
When we aren’t investing, renovating, and coaching our clients, we love to be travelling and exploring new countries and cultures. When we are home, we are cuddled up with our fur babies, Billy the howling beagle, Ollie the cuddling cat, and Miley our scaredy cat. Our favourite drinks are Funky Monkey (Jeremy), and coffee (Taylor).

You ready to sip on something delicious and talk about all things real estate investing?

We promise to make it a fun experience, just like us!

Taylor Seers - Real Estate Agent

Hi, my name is Taylor Seers and I work for Blue Forest Realty Inc. in Chatham-Kent to London and surrounding areas. I specialize in helping people buy rental properties. I am happy to help new and experienced investors with the BRRRRR method which is Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. I am also happy to help first time buyers and home owners make a huge financial decision.

Happy to help!