At TayJay Real Estate, we know that you want a return on your investment. That’s why you started investing.

Isn’t it ?

You love getting creative with your finances and investments.

You want a stronger passive return on your investment, rather than the traditional ways.

You want an investment backed by a physical asset.

You are a real estate investor who may have sold your portfolio to become more passive.

You are tired of managing your own portfolio, but believe in real estate.

 TayJay Real Estate is here to help you grow your real estate investment portfolio, and fast. Whether this is your first real estate investment, or your 10th, we are here to help you manage and oversee the success of your investment from tenant management, renovation project management, sourcing properties, and helping you scale your portfolio!

You Want This To Grow Right?

We are here to help you make sure that is happening.With two skilled real estate investment professionals, your hard-earned investments will be taken care of.

You don’t have to know it all, because we do the research for you…

Investment Management Includes, But Isn’t Limited To:

Manage Renovations

Our strong network of preferred contractors are reflective of their beautiful work from start to finish. Our renovation management ensures you don’t get taken advantage of. Plus, you won’t have to know anything about construction or renovation projects, just enjoy the ‘after.’ We will take care of the before.

Provide Power Team

We have preferred lawyers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, contractors, property managers, etc.. You don’t need to waste your time sourcing ones that are investor-friendly, or waste energy dealing with ones that aren’t.
We’ve got you.

Manage Property Managers

Communicating with the property manager on tenant and property issues and decisions. We take the phone calls,
so you can continue enjoying your life.


No need to be a numbers person? Our efficient systems take the stress out of tedious math, and boring accounting for when tax time comes.We will keep you aware of how finances are going throughout the year.

Maintenance and Repairs

All maintenance will be taken care of by us and the property managers including snow removal, lawn maintenance, and repair issues on the property.

Keep It Simple + Worry Free

The chaos that can come from rental properties stops a lot of people from their initial investment. We deal with the chaos, you watch your money grow. Phew!

Ready To Start The Investment Process?


TayJay Real Estate helps support you on your journey in real estate investment, navigating the industry, by providing education and guidance.


TayJay Real Estate is a power team that knows the industry. We want to help you succeed in all aspects, from buying, selling, renting, renovating, investing, management, and everything in between. Here for any questions you may have.


Whether you are new to investing or seasoned, TayJay Real Estate is here to help coach, manage, build and get creative with your investment portfolio.