Not quite ready for 1:1 Coaching?

We’ve got 2 options for you.


Self Guided: Newbie

Accelerator Program

This is for those who….
  • Are brand new to real estate investing
  • Feel overwhelmed trying to get started with real estate investing
  • Want to start real estate investing on their own
  • Want clarity on how to find and execute their first rental property
  • May not even know where they want to invest in yet
  • Aren’t sure how to analyze BRRRRs properly

The program is self guided on Kajabi over a 4 week period. You will have access to our student Facebook group for questions and support and can book a free call with Taylor or Jeremy on completion of the course. 

What you get…
  • Network with investors at the same stage as you on the Facebook group
  • Access to a document library; BRRRR calculator, tenant welcome letter, off-market flyer example, etc.
  • Free 30 minute call with Taylor and Jeremy on completion of the course
  • 4 recordings with Taylor and Jeremy teaching:
    • Picking a market
    • Analyzing deals
    • Building your basic power team
    • Placing your own tenant or picking a property manager
Your results…
  • You should have the market  you want to invest in narrowed down by the end of the program 
  • You will know how to run an analysis on different types of investing strategies
  • You will understand who you need on your power team and start connecting with them
  • You will have the basic systems to get you started
Investment Options…

$299 + HST

SELF GUIDED: 12 Modules on Scaling with TayJay

This is for those who…
  • Are eager to learn more about scaling with the BRRRRR method
  • Are looking to grow their portfolio and are ready to take action
  • Are looking for more in life, with goals to be able to work from wherever they want, whenever they want, and are doing what they want
  • Strive to outsource the things in their business that are holding them back & want the tools and resources on how to do that
  • Are looking for ways to use creative financing and OPM so they can grow beyond their own financial nest egg
  • Have the determination and motivation to complete a self-guided course
  • Are not sure what questions to ask in 1-on-1 coaching yet
What you get…
  • 12 modules walking you through how we scaled and how you can too using primarily the BRRRR method
  • Topics include:
    • Goal setting
    • Growing your power team
    • Marketing
    • Analyzing deals + case studies
    • Creative financing
    • Finding deals off-market
    • Renovations
    • Property management
    • Raising capital
    • Setting up systems
    • Scaling
  • Access to a document library and video content
  • Weekly homework
  • Group Facebook support with current/past students
  • Discounted 1-on-1 coaching calls are available with Taylor after completing every 3 sessions. 
Your results….
  • You will be able to confidently offer on investment properties
  • You will have a clear and consist investment strategy
  • You will understand when and how to use creative financing
  • You will have various systems set up to grow your rental portfolio
  • You will have an understanding of property management best practices
  • You will have accountability to themselves to stay on track weekly
  • You will understand all the different ways you can creatively finance properties
  • You will have the social media basics and branding to start raising money
  • You will know what you need to delegate to grow your business

3 monthly payments of $666.33

inside the 12 module program…

We have exclusive self-guided coaching for those looking to grow on their own terms. In these programs, we will be coaching you, and a group of like-minded real estate investors. Grow your network, business, and knowledge and get coaching from both of us.

inside the  Self-guided program: scaling with TayJay:

Sourcing off-market deals

Creative financing


Building Your Power Team

Managing Renovations

Goal setting

Tenant management

Scaling your portfolio

Raising Captial

Creating Systems